This post is going to be all about Hearing Protection and how important investing in your body is.  Over the years my hearing is something I have and probably most of you reading this have taken advantage of.  During my time in the Military and other Militaristic careers my hearing has literally been the least of my concerns.  My biggest concern was making sure the team was on the right track and everything was operating as smooth as it possibly could.  I always felt that EarPro(ear protection) would hinder my performance while out at work and by hinder I mean, having to wear these big clunky headphones that would get in the way of me getting in and out of a vehicle or taking gear on and off and give me a headache after long term usage; foam plugs/surefire EarPro, now all the sound is blocked and you're screaming at people right next to you, after wearing these for an hour or so in the heat of the desert or on your home range, your ears start to itch, so you take them out anyways.  Needless to say, when I was training on the range I wore something, but on the clock, I wore nothing, again due to the freedom and constant use of a radio.  

Now I know that I need to invest in a good set of hearing protection, I just didn’t want to spend the money.  Again, I regret this decision for now I'm paying for it in the slow loss of my hearing. 

Back to the point of this post, I have tried everything over the years, Over the ear Comtacs, Howard Lights, Peltor; you name it. In the ear, I mean there are literally 1000s of manufacturers and I’ve probably tried 1001 of them. 

I recently came across a company called SportEar/AXIL.  I viewed and read reviews of their products for about a year before finally jumping in and spending some money.  Now they have Earpro custom fitting costing upwards to $2k, I settled for $140 Ghost Stryke Essential hearing protection and enhancement.  Now I was unsure about them being in the ear protection because in the past they never hold up or work for me, plus the itch from sweating drives me crazy. 

About the Ghost Stryke Essentials

Shuts out sounds at 85dB or louder, rechargeable with a micro USB, run time of 12hours and a whole bunch of other stuff but let’s keep this basic.  The thing that sold me on these ear buds was, THEY HAVE AN INTERNAL COOLING FAN!  Yes, that’s right a fan to circulate the air in your ear, which keeps the sweat down and stops the itching.

I use them primarily for work on the range, but I have used them at a few concerts and while using loud machinery.  I’ve worn them for 40+ hours since I received them, and I couldn’t be happier, after a day on the range with them, I have actually forgotten they were in my ear and packed up the range before realizing I still had them in. 

To end this little rant/blog/info session, don’t take your body for granted it’s the only one you have, protect it the best you can and if that means spending some money to do so, you will thank yourself in the future for being more responsible.

If interested here’s a discount AX-eexmqu

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