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You've learned how to run your carbine, and to do it effectively as a part of a team during combative situations.   Here we bring it all together in practical application.  Any activity you undertake that requires tactical or security considerations can be considered a "patrol".  Patrolling will add to your skill set the ability to conduct any group activity in a tactically proficient manner, and regain or retain the initiative.

Length: 2 Days including 1 overnight

Core Topics:

  • Organization

  • Understanding Planning and Briefs

  • Patrol Types

  • Communication

  • Movement Formations

  • Security and Overwatch

  • Halts

  • Rally and Checkpoints

  • Danger Areas

  • Traversing Difficult Terrain

  • Night Patrol Techniques

  • Layup and Rest Overnight (RON) positions


Gear list: Carbine or Rifle - Semi-automatic operation, Detachable Box or Magazine fed. Iron sights at a minimum (Red Dot sights are highly recommended), A “two point” or “one point” Sling, Load Bearing Equipment***120 round capacity*** (Belt or chest rig with magazine pouches mounted), minimum of 5 Magazines for your Carbine, Hearing Protection (Electronic recommended), Eye Protection, Weapon Mounted Light & 600 rounds of ammunition.  In addition your Patrol Pack.

Patrol Pack: Your patrol pack should at minimum sustain you for several days and provide 4 key needs.  Food, water, shelter and hygiene.  For this course pack 2 days worth of food and water, and include shelter and clothing appropriate for the season.   Food should not need cooking and require minimal preparation.  A small travel kit of toiletries will be sufficient for "field" hygiene.  A large part of this course is learning to "live" in the field and conduct personal maintenance in a tactical environment.  Contact the Bull Creek Strategic Cadre with questions or suggestions on equipping yourself for the patrol course

Registration & Payment:  All Courses require pre-payment at the time of registration.  All courses have a limited amount of students and courses are filled on a first-come, first paid basis. If the course is cancelled by Bull Creek Strategic, Inc, we will contact you to see if you would desire a 100% refund of your payment or if you'd like to be moved to a different time/date , otherwise your payment is 100% non-refundable.