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Frank - Handgun Program Chief Instructor

Franks passion for training and teaching others has manifested itself in the creation of Bull Creek Strategic.  During his 8 years of service to his country as an Army Paratrooper and Reconnaissance Team Leader, Frank noticed a need for local and expert firearms training for citizens on the Homefront.  After leaving the Army, Frank has continued to work as a Security Contractor for various Government Agencies on high risk protective details in the Middle East.  Frank has brought this extensive background together to create a training and advising company which would be the first of it’s kind in New York.  It would draw on elements from his combat experience in Military/DoS Personal Security Detail Operations (PSD), Principle Recovery and Extraction (PRE), Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Close Quarters Combat (CQB), and Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA).  Through Bull Creek Strategic Franks training programs and classes deliver the skills necessary for the local Law Enforcement Officer or armed private citizen to overcome the most dire of circumstances.


Derek - Carbine Program Chief Instructor

Derek has been a lifelong student of human conflict and the pursuit of martial excellence.  As a Marine combat veteran, he identified many shortfalls in military training particularly in conventional force units.  He proactively began developing his own training program to enhance the effectiveness and combat efficiency of the Marines under his leadership and guidance. This martial education he has further adapted for the armed citizen.  Derek’s related training background and operational experience includes Patrol, Small Unit Tactics (SUT), Combat Trauma Care (TCCC), Military PSD Operations, Close Quarters Combat (CQB), Designated Marksman (DM), Close Target Reconnaissance, Combat Tracking, and Deadly Physical Force. After 8 years and hundreds of combat missions, Derek moved to civil service with the NYS Department of Corrections while continuing to train civilians and Law Enforcement in Small Arms employment and Tactics through private companies.  Derek has evolved his program specifically to train qualified citizens to effectively respond when faced with increasingly common and lethal threats as they present themselves through avoidance, deterrence, or superior martial skills when all other options have been exhausted. This training he offers at Bull Creek Strategic.

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