Carbine Technique


Carbine Technique

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The initial course in the carbine program starts with basic safety and handling and rapidly progresses towards applicable use under combative situations.  First time shooters have a "clean slate" advantage in this course as they can begin training with a minimal amount of habits, while experienced shooters will challenge existing skills and learn how they are applied to defensive use of the carbine, and learn the most up-to-date manipulation techniques.

Length: 6+ Hrs

  • Safety

  • Conditions Check

  • Loading/Unloading

  • Zeroing 

  • Standing Position

  • Body Alarm Response

  • Carbine Presentations

  • Grip

  • Engagement Methods

  • Stoppages

  • Reloads

  • Getting to Cover

  • Situational Awareness

Gear list: Carbine or Rifle - Semi-automatic operation, Detachable Box or Magazine fed. Iron sights at a minimum (non-magnified Red Dot sights used in conjunction with irons are highly recommended), Load Bearing Equipment (Belt or chest rig with magazine pouches mounted), minimum of 5 Magazines for your Carbine, Hearing Protection (Electronic recommended), Eye Protection, Weapon Mounted Light (NOT required but recommended), & 500 Rounds.

Registration & Payment:  All Courses require pre-payment at the time of registration.  All courses have a limited amount of students and courses are filled on a first-come, first paid basis. If the course is cancelled by Bull Creek Strategic, Inc, we will contact you to see if you would desire a 100% refund of your payment or if you'd like to be moved to a different time/date , otherwise your payment is 100% non-refundable.